Harting EAP Software products include DAYBREAK EAP Software and Premier EAP Software. Since 1985 we have developed software for Employee Assistance Programs. Harting EAP serves nearly 250 EAPs throughout the world. Our Premier EAP Software is a web based, comprehensive tracking and reporting information system.

In 2016, the all new Premier software package includes the ability to add innovative, best practice features including (1) Standardized Clinical Tools; (2) the Workplace Outcome Suite specifically designed by EAP researchers; (3) A Return on Investment Report designed by a team of EAP research experts; and (4) default reports / charts.

Premier is a browser-based application developed in Microsoft ASP.NET with a SQL Server backend. It is designed to be a solution for the full range of EAPs, Internal and External, large and small. Premier gives users the ultimate experience and flexibility in EAP tracking and reporting.