Premier is developed in ASP.NET with a SQL Server backend.

New purchases are based on a per user license fee and additional modules can be purchased to make your Premier package more useful to your EAP Consultants for assessment, demonstrating your success through the Workplace Outcome pre-post research capability, and Return on Investment Report.


  • Track and report on the full range of interaction with your Clients from initial intake to contacts, referrals, management consultations, outcomes, notes at every level and more.
  • Track and report on all auxiliary services such as workshops, training sessions, CISD's, travel, and other miscellaneous activities.
  • Utilize a fully integrated Scheduler with import/export capability.
  • Attach electronic documents to Client records, Workplace Consultations, Auxiliary Services and other areas.
  • Secure access with broad capability to assign security roles and restrictions to all of your users
  • Enter and access Reminders, Internet Links, and Global Messages from the Home Page
  • Adapt the system to your needs by utilizing the Customization capability to define screen fields (i.e. dropdowns, text fields, checkboxes, etc.) and even field titles and screen sections.
  • Quick access links available on the banner bar to record reminders, miscellaneous phone calls, other brief encounters, access the scheduler, quick name search, etc.
  • Powerful and flexible reporting. Ability to create separate report templates for your different reporting needs.
  • Extensive flexibility to create an Assessment (i.e. SBIRT, etc.) screen to track important information.
  • Special system administrative functions allow you to create new users, conduct broad customization functions, perform certain auditing functions within the application, create individualized queries for extracting unique information, and much more.