Custom Application Development

Harting EAP has many years experience developing new stand-alone products. When designing Premier, Harting EAP recognized that the "Case Management" functionality required for EAPs was similar to many other areas of responsibility that fall within the Human Resources arena. Because of this, we designed the architecture and the underlying platform such that we could readily adapt/modify the system to meet the requirements of another application at a fraction of the cost of developing a complete new system.

Custom Applications Harting EAP Has Developed

  • An Employee Health Services / Workers' Compensation Management system used by a number of hospitals within a large healthcare services organization. The system is used to track the 9,000 + employee's history in the areas of vaccines, TB tests, injuries, exposures, and much more.
  • A Behavioral Health Certification system for one of the top 10 Health Care systems in the United States. They use the system to generate and track behavioral health certifications for their large member base. This system was built using the underlying architecture of Premier.
  • Absence Management System - developed for a national airline to facilitate the tracking of employees and various types of absenses including sick time, vacation, FMLA, etc.
  • Student Assistance Services tracking system - to be able to track alcohol and drug problems among the student population within Middle Schools and High Schools.
  • Training Fund Management system - a web based system that allows users from manufacturing plants located throughout the country to submit training fund requests to a central office for approval.